Your Master Bathtub Came From WHERE?!?

Costo.  That's right... it came from COSTCO! 

The OVE Emma Freestanding Tub is the perfect fit for our modern style. It is the show stopper that makes our minimalist master bathroom a true retreat!

We purchased it online from and had delivered straight to our General Contractor's warehouse a few months prior to when it needed to be installed.

Why we love it:

At about 1/2 the price of our initial selection, we cannot even begin to say enough good things about this tub!  But we'll try.  Here are the highlights:

  • It's acrylic, so not as heavy as a porcelain or cast iron tub but still feels solid. 
  • It was fully assembled and easy to install (ours was professionally installed by a plumber during construction). 
  • Most importantly, it is generously sized for soaking.  This thing is a whopping  66.9"L x 43.3"W x 23.2"H. The littles even like to use it on occasion and pretend they are in the swimming pool!

GUESS WHAT?  It's on sale right now! 

Regularly $1099 with $150 manufacturer's rebate, that makes it $949 including shipping and handling!  This price also includes a decent looking floor mounted tub filler with hand held shower, which wasn't even part of the deal when we bought our tub. 

Costco's website says the sale is valid 1/29/18 through 2/23/18. While supplies last. 

This tub is gorgeous and it's a great deal!

This is not an affiliate post or anything like that, we just LOVE this tub that much. Also, we felt a lot more comfortable purchasing products that had been reviewed by actual people, so we want to do the same and share our experiences with others. 

If you are like us and have a whole mess of kids to bathe or are just looking for an awesome tub for your modern master bath... unbelievably, you can find this one at COSTCO!