Weeks 8-12: We've Been Framed

A LOT has happened on the job site in the last month, so much that we haven’t been able to keep up with the blog as much as we should!  Here’s a super fast rundown of all the progress we’ve been witnessing:

Outside, the siding is just about complete and we’ve selected paint colors, stone cladding and shingles, so we should see a more finished looking exterior soon!  The exterior wouldn’t be complete without windows and doors.  Our black aluminum windows and sliding doors have arrived and are nearly installed.

Although the interior work isn’t as dramatic as the exterior, various crews have worked hard to prepare for the coming sheetrock.  All of the electrical wiring and recessed lighting is installed.  A separate crew has pre-wired for whole-house audio and video distribution as well as networking and security systems.

Plumbing is the other major component that runs through the walls.   Everything is set including all of the rough-ins for showers, bathtubs and faucets.  We’ve also ordered most of the plumbing fixtures, which is a huge completion “check-mark” for us since there are so many selections and products to choose from.

We are hoping that we are nearing the end of finish selections.  We have a few more decorative lighting choices to make and final selections on tile. Keeping all of these items in budget is definitely a challenge and it will be nice to have these major decisions behind us in the not too distant future.

Next steps and things on the horizon:

  • Getting dried-in so that insulation and sheetrock can start. If it would just stop raining...

  • HVAC ducts installed.

  • Finalizing cabinet design.

  • Finalizing lighting and tile selections so that we don’t run into lead time issues.

Lastly… after ALL these decisions… what on earth are we going to name this new baby?