Here We Go!

Welcome to our adventure!  We're building a house in the country.  It's not just any house, it's a custom house, a modern house, an efficient house.   Also, it's not just in the country in the middle of nowhere, it's in the Sam Houston National Forest.  To us, this location means lake life along the shores of Lake Conroe and wildlife (snakes EEEEEEK, and the neighbor's chickens, among other things). 

Once Upon a Time...

We had this hand written list on a pad of college ruled notebook paper that was titled "We Need To Move". That's where it all began.  Well, to be honest, the list just sat around in our office for a while until we got truly serious and started running out of space (ahem, having kids).  

We got serious towards the end of 2014 and started looking for property.  We purchased 2.5 acres in early 2015 and started designing the house.  Fast forward to the fall of 2016 and we're finally ready to start construction!  

Ready, Set, Go!

We've taken on the ambitious goal of designing and building our house and keeping this blog up to date with all the details.  We've had to do tons of research for this project and we're hoping this blog will help others embarking on the same adventure.

Let's do it!