Land Clearing

WAY back in 2015 we had an initial clearing done in order to stake out where we wanted the house to go.  The purpose of this was to have a soil test preformed for the structural engineer to appropriately design the house's slab.  

Last month we went out to stake out a slightly different site for the house.  Since we have had quite a bit of time to think about it, we decided that the house should be closer to the road for more useable backyard space and to give added privacy from the neighbors home which is fairly close to the property line on the north side of the lot.  

With the brush cleared out we got to finalize where the house will go and decided what trees would stay and what trees that would need to be removed.

While we were out-of-town over the past two weeks, down came the trees that we couldn't keep, and sadly the brand new time lapse camera (which is likely buried somewhere in the soon-to-be foundation). Due to a slope on the site, the contractors doing the dirt work brought in FIFTY-THREE loads of dirt to level things out!  We're ready for the forms, pouring the slab is next!